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New! Interior Designer
Edit templates or create your own.
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New! Picture Book
Create art books fast!
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Rapid Book Creator.
ChatGPT or Spreadsheet Content
Custom Dated Planners
Weekly & Daily Customizable!
Quick Mockup
3D Book Cover Image.
130+ Professional Templates
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What Is KDP?

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon’s Print on Demand platform for book publishing. With KDP you can launch your books directly to where you can benefit from the 300+ million active shoppers who browse and buy from the platform regularly.

What is Tangent Templates?

Tangent Templates is a software suite created by Isaac Gonzalez and Katharyne Shelton to make the process of creating books easy!

If you're looking to create simple low content books, you can instantly build one from any of our 130+ templates in any of the 17 trim sizes supported by KDP.

But Tangent Templates really shines when you use our new Designer tool, a full color design environment which allows you to customize and edit the templates, mix in any of our 700+ images, add your own images and even build your own templates from scratch. We pay attention to detail, offering a collection of hand-picked palettes and fonts, and even including our own handwriting font so you can create kids' handwriting pages with ease.

The Designer tool also boasts two powerful new tools for rapid book creation, 'TT Turbo' and 'Picture Book'.

TT Turbo
TT Turbo makes it a cinch to import content, ranging from simple lists to complex tables from Google Sheets, Excel or ChatGPT. You design one page and Turbo creates the rest of the book. It's ideal for creating guided journals, dated planners, recipe books, joke or trivia books, handwriting pages and much more! Your only limit is your creativity.

Picture Book
The Picture Book tool is perfect for coloring books, coffee table books or other art books. Simply upload a folder of images and Picture Book will do all the work, placing the images into the pages of a book with optional blank pages between them. You can lay out an entire coloring book and have it ready to publish in minutes.

Cover Designer
The Cover Designer tool also allows you to design beautiful covers, perfectly designed for KDP. It includes a range of background patterns, cover panels and color schemes you can use so you're not starting with a blank slate.

Outside of the Designer Tool, TT boasts a huge collection of powerful tools including:

  • Listing helper Chrome extension. List books quickly, easily and safely on KDP.
  • Category browser to find the perfect category for your book (including hidden categories!)
  • Pricing calculator to find the sweet spot for your book
  • PDF Inspector to check your documents for issues
  • Document to PNG converter tool.
  • Pen Name generator to pick the perfect name, no matter your genre or niche
  • 3D Mock-up rapidly creates a 3D image of your book that you can use in your marketing materials
  • QRC Generator

Using Tangent Templates, you can create a book AND the corresponding listing on Amazon in less than ten minutes… from scratch! In most cases, your book will be available for sale on Amazon within days and you will be a published author!


Wait... I have to write a book? In ten minutes?

No! Tangent is the first and leading book creation software for medium content, low content and no content books. You don't have to write a single word unless you want to!

I can't do this on my own!

You don't have to! We have a thriving friendly Facebook community here and Katharyne uploads regular tutorial videos to YouTube. Not only that, but we have a wide selection of freebies and bonuses in our Gumroad store.

What are medium content, low content and no content books?

The simplest book you can publish on Amazon is a plain lined notebook. Imagine all the designs you would have loved on your composition book as a kid - now you can make those books a reality! Cute animals, political slogans, robots, cupcakes, unicorns… any niche is ready for a notebook.

Just grab a wide ruled interior from Tangent Templates, create a quick cover in our designer tool, list it on KDP and you're good to go. That notebook is a 'no-content book' and you can make them in just a few minutes.

Using our templates, you can just as quickly whip up a graph book, sheet music book, calligraphy book, blank comic book for kids to draw in... even a map of hexagons for a roleplaying game campaign.

These templates are incredibly flexible. With a different cover, that hex roleplaying map interior could just as easily be planning paper for 3D printing enthusiasts. And take squared graph paper as an example. Sure, you can make quad rule graph books for school, but if you switch out the cover, it could be a book for Granny to plan out her knitting patterns or a space for an occupational therapist to teach handwriting skills. The only limit here is your imagination.

But that's just to get you started. With our interior designer, you can create low and medium content books like guided journals, dated planners, prompt books, prayer books, ghost hunting logs, blank recipe books, collectors' books, picture books, bullet journal style books, educational books and endless other ideas… easily!

You can also use our Designer tool to create your own pages. Created specially for low and medium content books it comes with 700 preset illustrations to choose from and a collection of shapes and fonts including our proprietary handwriting fonts. You can even set areas of dot grid, graph and lined paper quickly and easily onto your pages. You can also upload your own images and fonts and use those.

Our new Turbo and Picture Book tools make the Designer even more powerful. With Turbo, you can import your book content as a spreadsheet and turn it into a beautiful book in minutes, while Picture Book will convert your folder of images into a perfectly designed art book. Ideal for speedy coloring book creation!

How does KDP work?

The model is simple. You upload the interior and cover of your book, create a listing and you’re done! Your book will be processed by Amazon and will usually be live in a few days. When customers buy your book, Amazon handles the printing and shipping and pays you a royalty. You can also buy author copies very cheaply that you can resell or give away to your customers or students.

KDP has proved to be popular with authors looking for a quicker way to create books, for print on demand sellers looking for a new platform to build an income and for coaches, educators and business owners who are looking to create their own branded books. Imagine giving a pretty planner to your clients with your logo on the front and phone number in the back. And a copy will cost you less than $3!

It’s also perfect for resellers who are looking to branch into digital inventory. We have all of these people in mind with Tangent Templates.

Here are just a few reasons why KDP is a fantastic platform for your books:

  • Direct access to Amazon’s 300 million shoppers
  • Author copies of books can be purchased for as little as $2-$3
  • No waiting period for account approval
  • Zero cost to create a book
  • A blue ocean of opportunity. There are a wealth of 'gaps' to fill in the market.
  • Sensible enforcement of copyright and trademark issues
  • Books are far more difficult to copycat than t-shirts and other POD products
  • Sensible rule enforcement. KDP rarely removes sellers without very good reason.
  • KDP give you an ISBN number, so no stressing about barcodes and costs!
  • It’s way easier to make a book than you think!

With Tangent Templates we give you the power to go much… much further than that!

If you’ve ventured near a bookstore lately, you’ll notice that low and medium content books are everywhere! Guided journals, planners, workbooks, activity books and so much more! Everyone from Tony Robbins to Michelle Obama is publishing them!

Tangent Templates includes over 130 templates and all of them include hints and tips on how to use them and the kind of books you can make with them. Our templates range from simple, versatile graph and journal papers through to a wide variety of niches. Here are just a few of the templates we offer:

  • Meal planners
  • Workout logs
  • Prayer Journals
  • Spellbooks
  • Sleep Trackers
  • Cruise Diaries
  • Make Up and Fashion Templates
  • Paper Games like Hangman and Sea Battle
  • Night Sky Observation
  • Vision Boards
  • Podcast Planner
  • A variety of blank Comic Book Pages
  • And much more!

All of these pages can edited in the Designer tool so you can add images, change the colors or fonts and add your own elements and ideas to them.

You can also mix pages in the Tangent Builder to create any combination you can think of. For example, you could combine our Meeting Agenda, Business Napkin, Budget Sheet and Vision Board templates together with dated pages for a entrepreneurial power-planner. Or you could mix guitar tabs, sheet music and lined paper together for a comprehensive composer’s notebook. Of course, you can also upload and mix in your own templates!

All the interiors can be generated in any of the 17 standard trim sizes supported by KDP and can be used as-is, but we do recommend you add your own customizations that your audience will appreciate!

TT Turbo

TT Turbo is a powerful new tool included in Tangent Templates which allows you to import lists or tables of data from tools like Google Sheets, Excel or ChatGPT. This means you can quickly populate your book with writing prompts, recipes, jokes, poems, quizzes or anything else you can imagine. Guided journals are a cinch. You can even create niched handwriting paper!

Not only that, Turbo allows you to create date ranges, so building a custom weekly or monthly planner is easy!

Because Turbo is such a powerful app, we have a full length video and a free user guide which are both packed with ideas about how you can use it to create books. Katharyne made these two guided journals while sitting in the car, waiting for her kids

What if I want to create my own pages?

We've got you!

Our state of the art Designer tool allows you to create journal and workbook pages from scratch and add them to your book. You can upload any images and fonts you like or use ours. We include over 700 images and counting that you can use to decorate your pages and you can add areas of lines, dot grid and graph grids to create colorful, exciting workbooks and journals.

You can create your book in black and white or full color. KDP has recently introduced a 'standard color' paperback which is extremely affordable and it’s perfect for journals and planners!

How do I make a cover?

Our beautiful cover designer makes creating your cover super-simple! It takes just a few minutes to design a professional looking cover. Whether you opt for paperback or hardcover, whatever your trim size, we do all the calculations for you and lay the cover out for you, with spine text and barcode in place.

All you need to do is customize it and add any text or images you want to include. We offer a range of exclusive background patterns and cover panel images, and you can change the color schemes at a click of a button.

See what our users are saying in 2023

what?? WOW!! just when I think you two have created all there is, you go and do more, so thankful. like I keep saying, best money spent ever!!!!!! others make us pay for this , and that, etc, etc but since I bought TT several years ago, when it was new, I've NEVER had to pay anymore money. thank you both
- Debbie
OMG!!! Katharyne! God bless you. Thanks for providing so much to all of us. Best $ I ever spent!! Also Thank You and Isaac for always being so available!
- Gus
Good grief! (In a good way!) I bought TT a long time ago. Designer and now this are like having a long lost relative suddenly leave you a million dollars.
- M Lori
I'm over the moon that I got an easy way to make a handwriting paper to sell on Amazon KDP. Thank you Kat And Isaac!
- Chris
Have to echo the others. You guys are really amazing. Generous humans in an all too greedy world. I'm so thankful for the TT purchase I made years ago. You're both appreciated greatly.
- Sheri
WOW! Katharyne, you & Isaac have come up with more incredible inventions for TT! And as for the Turbo feature, you have really outdone yourselves; it is so staggeringly impressive. And your imagination for creating new books is brilliant! Thank you so much! Love TT. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
- Susie
After watching this video yesterday, I was so impressed I purchased the package. It is simply a great design tool and one of my best buys ever. I wished I had known about this ages ago. It is not expensive and is packed with so much. There has obviously been a great deal of thought and hard work gone into creating Tangent Templates, I would truly recommend this to anyone who is into book publishing on KDP or creating other stuff for digital downloads.
- Janice
Holy SH*T! Katharyne you and Isaac are truly amazing!
- Cher
OMG!!! what have you guys done! not only are there so many more templates but now you have a designer! I have just read and watched the video and wow! I have been around since the begining but you have really out done yourselves!
- Sue
I love TT! The fact that you guys are always improving the content, makes it so worth the small investment.
- Keith
A few years ago I would have been getting ready to go to the pub for lots of beer. Here I am excited because there's a new video from Katharyne about TT and books 🙂❤️
- Ray
TT is truly in a league of its own. I'm so thankful to have access. Best purchase ever. And this community is truly so beloved by Katharyne and Isaac
- Serise
Tangent Templates is great! I think my favourite thing is the listing feature. I use it ALL the time.
- Raechel
It is awesome and it just keeps getting better and better. Plus the creators are pretty awesome too. Money well spent.
- Jay
Tangent Templates is the best purchase for KDP content creation I've ever made. And I bought a few, over the years. Not only it's very reasonably priced, but you only pay once, it's not a subscription model. Isaac and Katharyne keep improving the product all the time and offer great support, both in this group and privately when you email them about something. Just brilliant!
- Martina
There is nothing & no-one to top Katharyne & Isaac, together with TT. They just keep giving & the software outshines all others. Love to you guys!
- Susie
I absolutely love the TT Chrome extension for KDP. It has helped me so much.
- Nita
It just keeps getting better and better.
- Laura
Holy flipping wow!!!! I feel absolutely giddy!
- Mary

What tools are included in Tangent Templates?

As well as the incredible Designer tool, Tangent Templates includes a whole suite of tools to make your publishing life easier.


Turbo is a powerful rapid book creator tool which allows you to generate a whole book based on a spreadsheet table or a simple list. Create prompt books, recipe books, joke books handwriting books, dated planners with customizable pages and much much more with Turbo.

Picture Book

Picture book allows you to upload a folder of images and it will lay them out into a beautiful book for you. Perfect for creating art books or coloring books in minutes.

KDP Helper

The KDP Helper makes designing your books easy, no matter which tool you use for your covers or interiors. Simply choose the trim size, page count and paper type (white or cream) for your book and let Tangent do the hard work for you. We give you perfectly tailored templates for your cover and interior, as well as all the dimensions you might need for Canva, Keynote, Powerpoint or Adobe. No more worrying about calculating bleed or margins!

Tangent Builder

The Tangent Builder is a brilliant but simple tool that allows you to easily plan and arrange the pages of your book. Click each page to choose from our templates and build a book fast. You can then drag and drop them into place or repeat multiple page sections with ease.

Not only that, you can upload your own custom PDFs, including multipage documents, perfect for customizing planners, adding copyright pages or getting creative with additional content. We currently allow you to upload up to 20mb per book.

Interior Designer

The new interior designer is the first tool of its kind and allows you to create custom pages for KDP without leaving Tangent Templates. This is a designer tool which allows you to easily create custom pages including boxes, lines, circles as well as area of lines, graph and dot grid. There are plenty of presets to choose from including a copyright page template that can be quickly edited and there are over 700 images to add to your pages.. Because we designed this tool specifically for KDP, it seamlessly formats your page to include the correct margins and dimensions for any of KDP’s 16 trim sizes.

The interior designer is currently in beta and we expect to add increased functionality in the coming months.

Listing Helper

Amazon currently allow you to upload up to 1000 books a week. That’s a lot of typing! But our listing helper makes listing your book on Amazon fast and easy. Now you don’t have to type the same keywords or description details each time you list a book. Instead, you can set up templates that include details like Title, Subtitle, Author Name and Keywords. When you go to KDP’s dashboard, the listing helper Chrome Extension will fill out the information for you rapidly. It will even select the correct categories for you.

The listing helper also includes a simple HTML editor so you can add KDP approved HTML elements like bulleted lists, underlining and bolding to your listing text so it looks snazzier!

Note: The listing helper is NOT an automation tool. Using automated uploading or allowing third parties to login to your account is against Amazon/KDP’s terms of service. Our tool replicates simple copy and paste functionality to list your books quickly, while adhering to Amazon’s TOS.

Category Explorer

The category explorer is an easy interface to help you to find the best categories for your book. It also cracks KDP’s ‘keyword code’ allowing you to select categories that can be accessed by using the correct keywords.

Price Calculator

Not sure how much you’ll get paid when your book sells? Enter the page count of your book and experiment with list prices and color/black &white selection to find the optimal price for your book.

Image to Interior

This handy tool is perfect for art books, coloring books and photography books. Upload a collection of images and Tangent Templates will convert them into a ready to use PDF interior.

PDF Inspector and Converter

The best kept secret in Tangent Templates. This tool lets you check any PDF document. It can save you stacks of time by checking whether KDP is likely to detect any errors in your interior. It also gives you comprehensive stats about the PDF including the dimensions, file size, and even helpful info like which fonts are embedded in it and when it was created.

Quick Mockup:

Need a 3D mockup of your book for your website, advert or marketing materials? You can generate and download one in seconds from our Quick Mockup tool.

Pen Name Generator:

We've also added a very nifty pen name generator. Whatever the genre of your book, you can find a name to fit. Choose from a variety of styles including Victorian, Sexy, Trendy, Rockstar, Gothic, periods (1880s-2010s) and a wide range of nationalities to choose a pen name that is uniquely you, then copy and paste it quickly to the listing helper.

QRC Generator:

Our QRC generator makes it easy to add links to your book interior or cover. Simple to create and download codes, and customizable in Tangent Designer.

Tangent Templates is available for a one-off price of $59 which gives you permanent access to our software and you can create as many books as you like using it. No subscriptions! Plus, we keep updating and adding to the tool. We started in April 2018 with only 12 interior templates. Now we have a huge collection of templates and a whole suite of tools and that price has never changed!

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